The more about carbonated soft drink production line

The more things we should know about carbonated soft drink production line

Nowadays, people’s demand for carbonated soft drinks in the world is increasing. As a mid-stream industry in the industry chain, carbonated soft drink production plays an important role in the supply of soft drinks. As a consumer, we should also understand the carbonated soft drink production line while consuming in this industry.

There are different packaging for carbonated soft drinks in the market, and the reason for this is precisely because of the different carbonated drink filling machines. Now let us know different kinds of packaging for carbonated soft drinks in production process.

Glass bottle

The glass bottle filling machine includes three functions: bottle washing, filling and capping. Glass bottle sterilization is an essential part of soft drink production. If it is a small output, the process can be manual soaking, disinfection, and cleaning, while a large output requires fully automatic glass bottle cleaning equipment.

Usually the glass bottle filling machines are equipped with alarm devices such as missing caps and overload protection, which can detect and eliminate faults in time. This kind of filling machine is safe and reliable. It also has a high degree of production automation.

Glass bottle filling machine for carbonated drink

Plastic bottle

Whether in retail stores or online, we can find that many soft drink containers in the market are made by plastic. In recent years, with the development of science and technology, PET has been used in many fields, including plastic bottle filling. Now we also use Plastic bottle filling machine when packaging carbonated soft drinks.

Although plastic bottle (PET bottle) filling has not been used for filling for a long time, it has also been greatly developed. The filling process can be divided into traditional plastic bottle filling (PET bottle) and aseptic cold filling. Both of them can effectively ensure safety and hygiene of the product. What’s more, the recycling of PET plastic bottles can not only solve environmental protection problems, but also can be used as a new raw material resource to alleviate the contradiction of insufficient PET raw materials.


Can is another way of packaging carbonated soft drinks. Most people think that the amount of canned carbonated soft drink is more suitable for one person to drink than glass and plastic. Aluminum canning is the most common filling method in carbonated soft drink filling. Compared with glass and plastic, aluminum cans are more resistant to high temperatures in the field of soft drink filling such as juice.

The difference from bottle filling is that canning machine plays an important role in the whole canning line.

Aluminum and PET have different advantages.

The aluminum can is opaque. It can ensure the flavor of the carbonated soft drink. The aluminum canning machine has advanced structure. It works smoothly and reliable. Staff can operate the canning machine safely and conveniently. It adopts frequency conversion speed regulation and has high production efficiency.

The obvious advantages of pet materials are: fastness, discoloration, pressure resistance, impact resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, easy to clean. Few cracks and edge chipping occur during processing. Compared with tin cans that require epoxy coating both inside and outside, PET cans eliminate this tedious step in the production process. In the production process, PET is easy to be processed and formed. It can achieve unique and novel shapes. When consumers are accustomed to the same shape of glass bottles and cans, they will be deeply attracted by the shape of PET cans in front of them.


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