Production Process of Soda Water

The soda water is also known as soda. It becomes ready when the carbon dioxide and water mix up under pressure. The soda water manufacturers use special bottling machines in the production of soda water. Each machine has to perform a particular operation. In the soda water, the producers also mix up sodium salt and some preservatives. The production companies make use of mineral water to prepare soda yet they purify it more.


The Production Process of Soda Water

Many bottling companies produce soda water. Each company has to follow a particular recipe and add special elements. However, the production process of soda water remains alike. These companies have a license from the relevant authorities to prepare soda. At the moment, we are going to explain the production process of soda. Take a look:


Purifying The Water

The water quality means a lot in this process. The producers make use of machines to purify the water and exclude the impurities from it. The bacteria or any other particle can change the taste or color of the soda. So, this process is important.

Filtering & De-chlorination of Water

Before the water getting pure, it is important to pour it into the sand filter. This filter can eradicate the big particles of the flock. The water passes from the sand layer to capture the unimportant particles. Afterward, the sterilization process is important to destroy the organic matter that will affect the color and taste of the soda. The water enters the storage tank. The water mixes up with the free chlorine in this tank. This chlorine water stays in the storage tank for around 3 hours.


When the reaction is complete, then it is time to activate the carbon filter. This filter de-chlorinates the water and eliminates the remaining organic matter.


Mixing of Ingredients

After purifying water, it is time to mix up ingredients in it. Different companies add up different ingredients in water. The equipment can blend the ingredients completely into the water. When these ingredients dissolve entirely, then they are taken to the carbonation section.


At this level, the water along with other ingredients is mixed up with carbon dioxide. The beverage carbonator puts pressure on these items to give the soda water the exact taste.

Filling & Packing

The producers make use of soda water filling machine. It is an automatic 3in1 filling machine that contains bottle rinsing filling and capping. The operators place bottles in the soda water filling line. When the bottles pass from the filler head, then it fills soda water into the bottles. This soda water filling machine can fill up 20-200 bottles per minute. However, the filling capacity is from different machines varies.

After filling, the soda filling line takes the bottles to the capping section. The machine places caps on each bottle quickly so that the gas of the soda does not evaporate. When the bottles are ready, then the line takes them to the packing area. The operators pack up the bottles in corrugated boxes as they are sturdy. Ultimately, the suppliers ship these boxes to different regions.

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