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CSD Carbonated Soft Drink Filling Production Line

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Complete Carbonated Soft Drink Filling Production Line

We supply complete solution of carbonated soft drink production line from A to Z, which includs Water treatment system, Chilling system, beverage carbonating system, Automatic carbonated soft drink filling machine, Bottle warming Tunnel, Air dryer, Automatic labeling machine, Automatic bottle packaging machine, Automatic palletizer system and the whole factory conveyor system.

Carbonated Soft Drink Filling Production Line layout

PET Bottle Carbonated Drink Filling Machine

XFGD series soft drink filling machine is composed of rinser, filler and capper, which  is special designed for your glass bottle filling. we design the balance pressure filling method with vacuum process and CIP cleaning fuction.

Carbonated Soft Drink Filling Machine

Carbonated Soft Drink Bottle Filling Principle

Carbonated drink Filling Principle

The advantage we provided:

PET Bottle CSD Carbonated Soft Drink Filling Production Line (2)

Bottle In-feed washing machine

1) The clamp heads use special design clamp head for the glass bottle

2) The convey chain used stainless steel 304 material for long time use.

Bottle Washing machine

3) The high efficiency atomizing spray nozzle installed on bottle clamp is capable of cleaning any part of bottle inner wall, and also saves rinsing water

4) The rinser is driven by driving system positioned inside machine frame via gear transmission.

PET Bottle CSD Carbonated Soft Drink Filling Production Line (1)

Bottle filling machine

1) Isobaric pressure filling method.

2) Filling valves are made of SUS304.

3) Long-tube filling valves are adopted, with CO2 fully exchanging with air inside glass bottles, to decrease the rinsing of oxygen effectively.

4) High-pressure foam stimulator is equipped to minimize air remaining at the neck.

5) Centralized automatic lubrication system, simple for maintenance.

6) Before capping system, we have jetting system to remove the beer foam on the top of bottle mouth to be sure the Oxygen content less than r0.15 mg O2/l

7) Filling level tolerances : ± 2.0 mm

8) Bottle break rate : max. 0.01% (1:10,000)

PET Bottle CSD Carbonated Soft Drink Filling Production Line (3)

Bottle capping machine 

1) Cap distributing chute is equipped with reverse cap stop and reverse cap pick-out mechanism.

2 Cap distributing chute is equipped with a photocell switch to stop the capper when there is no cap inside the chute.

3) The capper is equipped with inlet bottle detection switch.

4) Centrifugal way of cap arranging is adopted to reduce damage of caps.

5) A cap inspecting system is applied to control on-off of cap elevator.

Discharge conveyor

1) Driving motor is frequency inverted to synchronize with the filling line to prevent bottles from falling.

2) Discharge conveyor is equipped with photocell switch to slow down and stop filling line in case of fallen bottles.

 Heads  of
 washing  filling
 (℃ ) 


 Motor  power
 Overall dimension
 2.2+0.55 +0.12 
 2.2+0.55 +0.18 
 3+0.55 +0.18 
 5.5+0.55 +0.18 

MODERN MACHINERYoffers engineer to assist you in installing your bottling machine. Upon installation of your equipment or line, the engineer stays on-site to watch your new equipment run smoothly and train your operators. Even after our specialist leaves your plant, we are ready to give you timely, courteous service when you need it.
Our engineer offers the following services:

1. Installation of equipment or packaging line at the customer's plant
2. Coordinate schedule with mechanics to perform changeovers and preventive maintenance activities
3. Perform mechanical adjustments (if needed) on equipment and packaging line to optimize equipment's performance
4. Resolve equipment issues
5. Provide on-site training on all assigned procedures

Carbonated soft drink filling production line installation

Filling machine machining center

Carbonated soft drink filling production line manufacturer

Container loading and shipping

Carbonated soft drink filling production line Container loading and shipping





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