Know More About Bottle Water Machine

Know More About Bottle Water Machine

With the gradual popularity of bottled water all over the world, bottle water machine has attracted more and more attention. For example, we can see many kinds of bottled water in the supermarket. More people focus on the quality of the water they drink. They all like bottled water because it is convenient and pure. What is more, the price of bottled water is affordable. However, all of these depend on the bottled water production.

Bottle water machine

As one of the most important links in the bottled water production line, bottle water machine directly affects the quality of bottled water. The water bottle packing machine has the advantages of high reliability and easy cleaning. All parts in contact with the filling liquid shall be made of 304 stainless steel or other materials without potential health hazards. In addition, the design of the machine focuses on the disinfection of the part in contact with the liquid, and the CIP system is adopted to ensure that the beverage has a longer shelf life.

At the same time, the equipment also has the characteristics of simple and safe operation, environment protection, low consumption and energy saving. Using the new technology, manufactures can easily produce more products and make more profits in terms of production alone.

Sparkling Water Machine

In the grand synthesis of water bottle packing machines, sparkling water machine needs the higher demand. The combination of sparkling water and air will react, so that both the carbonated CO2 and the foam will disappear. The taste of the sparkling water will drop. The purchase of it will also decreased. To reduce the possibility of chemical reaction, we require that the air content at the top of the container of sparkling water machine should be the lowest and the whole container should be closed. In addition, because the liquid is acidic and will corrode the inner wall of the container, the inner material of the container shall be stainless steel. The machine should also have up to standard filling accuracy.

Sparkling water

The working principle of water bottling machine

Due to the water bottling machine is driven by the transmission machinery, it can coordinate the division of labor and achieve the real linkage effect. As a machine used to produce drinks, the cylinder barrel, push rod and piston are made of stainless steel, which is corrosion-resistant and water-resistant. In order to ensure the purity of bottled water and the health of people who drink, the liquid contact part is made of 304 or 316 stainless steel and easy to detache or assemble, and sterile dispensing can be carried out. There is a special infrared sensor on the bottle transmission position to receive the induction for counting.

All the bottles all automatically filling when opening the filling nozzle by the bottle mouth pressing. When full filling, the filling nozzle will be closed by air return pipe full of water, so as to realize no filling without bottles. The clean bottles from the washing machine are sent to the bottle feeding screw of the water bottle filling machine by the star wheel, and sent to the bottle capper through the bottle star wheel and raised.

Under the guidance of the centering device, the bottle mouth tightly presses the blanking port of the filling valve to form a seal. After the bottle is vacuumized, the back pressure gas in the liquid storage cylinder is flushed into the bottle. When the gas pressure in the bottle is equal to the gas pressure in the liquid storage cylinder, the liquid valve is opened under the action of the liquid valve spring.

At this time, the object is automatically filled into the glass bottle along the bottle wall through the guiding action of the umbrella shaped reflecting ring on the air return pipe. The back pressure gas in the glass bottle is replaced back into the liquid storage cylinder through the air return pipe. When the object rises to a certain to a certain height and the outlet of the air return pipe is closed, liquid valve and the air valve are closed to discharge the pressure gas at the bottleneck to prevent the gas carrying object from gushing when the glass bottle falls, so as to complete the whole filling process.

As is known to all, bottled water has become popular all over the world. Although we can divide bottle water machine into plastic bottle water machine, glass bottle water machine and sachet water machine, they all can make huge profits by producing people’s favorite.


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