Small Bottle Water Filling Machine

We, MODERN MACHINERY, one more than 20 years bottle filling machine manufacturer in China. Our small bottle water filling machine allow you to express your creativity through our flexibility! Nothing is impossible, from different shapes bottle rinsing filling to capping, thanks to our XGF series options:

  • With ranges of different models water filling machine from 2000 to 30000 bottles per hour.
  • Suitable for plastic bottle (PET bottle) or glass bottle 200ml-2000ml.

Our small water bottle filling machine provides solutions for small and medium production runs, where frequent changeovers are required for highly segmented markets. In addition, it is also suitable for bigger volumes, ensuring efficiency and flexibility. Furthermore, our small water bottle filling machine offers competitive prices, while the small water bottle packing machine ensures the safe and secure packaging of your products.

Flexibility and scalability are top of mind from the very beginning of each project to offer manufacturers the ability to meet market evolution and demand and new product developments.