Canning Machine May Lead Beverage Industry In Next 10 Years!

We have seen an increasing demand for beverage canning line since their introduction to the beverage market. But, why are customers making incremental changes in their beverage packaging?

Environmentally Friendly – The new wave of eco-minded consumers have greater awareness of the environmental impacts that plastics have on the atmosphere, land, sea, and are consequently opting for more ecological alternatives. In the world, most of cans are now recycled, making canning a far more sustainable & commercially viable packaging solution for beverage producers.

aluminum cans

Keeps It Fresh – Cans provide a superior airtight seal, meaning your drink stays fresher and good taste for longer. Cans also prevent UV light oxidization, particularly important in the beer industry.

So, Canning Machine May Lead Beverage Industry In Next 10 Years!

Beverage canning machine

Quality Control – Packaging is the most crucial part within the beverage production line, as this is a reflection on your business. Packaging in-house gives you ownership of the final product ensuring the quality is never compromised. Alternatively, as a contract packer, it is important for your customers to trust in your company. As you are responsible for how your customers product is handled and presented to the end consumer, investing in the right equipment is critical to success.

MODERN MACHINERY, what can we offer?

With a variety of options to suit your every need, MODERN MACHINERY is your one-stop solution for product development, beverage formulation and beverage packaging.

Our canning machine adopts isobaric filling technology. Cans are automatically fed on to a conveyor belt and first rinsed with pure water to clean the inside. They are then purged of air with CO2 into the empty vessels. The cans then proceed down the canning line and are filled with soft drink. After filling, lids are automatically placed on top of the passing can. With the can full and the top in position, it moves down the can filler machine to the can seamer. Each can is rotated and a motor spins the can at a high speed with a crimping seamer, sealing the lids on the cans. Cans are filled, lidded, and seamed individually at a rate of 30-300 cans per minute. Once seamed, the cans are checked for fill level and move through a water spraying type can warmer or pasteurization tunnel, then are dated and finally packed for sale.

From soft drinks to craft beers, coffees and teas to new energy drinks, MODERN MACHINERY leads the beverage packaging industry with innovative technologies that redefine how the world looks at beverage cans.

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