Beverage Canning Machine: 6 Factors of Quality

Filling is a key process in the production of beverages. Regardless of the different packaging forms such as glass bottles, metal cans and plastic containers, and no matter what kind of filling method and filling system would be taken, the quality requirements of carbonated beverages should be guaranteed. These quality factors for beverage canning machines are mainly as follows:

Beer canning line

1 Achieve the expected level of carbonation

The carbonation of carbonated beverages should be kept at a reasonable level and the carbon dioxide content must meet the specified requirements. The gas content of the finished product is not only related to the mixer, but also the can filling machine is the main determinant.

2 Guarantee the correct ratio of syrup and water

The final sugar content of the finished beverage is determined by the amount of grouting, the degree of dressing and the capacity of the treasure, and the accuracy of the amount of syrup and the height of the filling are controlled. The modern one-time filling method ensures that the proportioner is operating normally of the canning machine.

3 Maintain a reasonable and consistent filling height

The accuracy of the can filling level is such as to ensure that the contents meet the prescribed standards, and the value of the goods is adapted to the expansion ratio of the beverage to the container. For example, for a can filling and seaming machine, the filling level during secondary filling directly affects the ratio of syrup to water. When the filling is too full, the head gap is small, and when the beverage expands due to the temperature rise, the pressure will increase, resulting in leakage and bursting.

4 Container top clearance should maintain the minimum amount of air

The air content in the top gap portion will cause oxidation of the aroma or other components in the beverage, resulting in deterioration of the product.

5 Effective sealing

Sealing is the key factor to protect and maintain the quality of beverage canning machine. Bottled beverages should be tightly sealed, whether they are crown caps or screw caps. The caps should not be damaged when the caps are pressed. The quality of the metal cans should meet the specified requirements.

6 Maintain product stability

Spills and foam spills can occur after unstable products are opened. The main factors causing the instability of carbonated beverages are: excessive carbonation, impurities, air, high filling temperature or large temperature difference. Any carbonated beverage is unstable (supersaturated) at atmospheric pressure, and this instability increases with increasing carbonation and temperature, so cold bottles (containers), cold syrup, cold water (cold drinks) filling is extremely beneficial.


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