Purchasing A Bottle filling machine 7 Questions to Ask Before Buying

The beverage companies across the globe are using the latest bottle filling machine. This machine can perform filling and packaging tasks efficiently. Different types of these machines are readily accessible in the offline and online markets.

Purchasing A Bottle filling machine 7 Questions To Ask Before Buying

If you are going to start your beverage company, then you have to make the right choice. Otherwise, you will face problems in the long run. There are seven questions to ask before purchasing a bottle filling machine. Now, we are going to explain these questions as follows:

1. Will the machine work with the bottles of your choice?

Before purchasing a bottle filling machine, you have to check what type of bottles it can fill. Different machines can handle diverse types of bottles like glass or plastic.

If you are going to fill up plastic bottles, then the machine should have the capacity to handle these bottles. Similarly, for the glass bottles, you have to make use of the glass bottle filling machine.

2. Which bottle filling principle will work for you?

Each bottle filling machine for bottles has a specific working principle. For that reason, every machine has to offer numerous advantages. Some machines can perform only filling process while others can do washing and packaging of the bottles as well. Because of this reason, it is a basic question to ask before buying a filling machine for bottles. Nonetheless, if the bottles have to be filled with a viscous liquid, then you have to go for the machine that has piston filler. In case, the liquid is not viscous at all then a machine with a simple filling head will work for you.

3. What is the price of the machine?

Many manufacturers are offering these machines at a reasonable rate. When you choose a machine, then you have to keep in mind your budget. The bottle filling machine price should not be out of your limit.

4. How many bottles can it fill per minute?

Different filling machines for bottles have the different filling capacity. Some machines can fill up hundreds of bottles per minute while others can fill up only a few bottles. Choose the machine that can fill up the bottles according to your requirements.

5. Which automation system will be good for your company?

Each filling machine for bottles has a specific automation system. There was a time when manual machines were in use. However, with time, the manufacturers have introduced a fully automatic and semi-automatic bottle filling machine. Both these machines have their specific advantages. Choose the one that suits your necessities.

6. What is the maintenance cost?

This question is a must to ask. Some machines are readily available at a low price, yet their maintenance cost is too much. Always go for the machine that has to offer a reasonable maintenance cost.

7. Are the spare parts available?

Before purchasing the bottle filling machine, you need to consider this question. Some manufacturers provide free spare parts with the machine. In case, they don’t then you have to ask for the spare parts. If the machine needs part replacement, then you don’t have to wait for the shipping of that part, you’ll have it at hand. In this way, the production will not get affected.


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