Production Process of Plastic Bottle Juice

The manufacturers can produce a wide variety of bottles from plastic. These bottles include juice bottles, water bottles, and carbonated drinks. The producers use the plastic blow molding machine in the production of different plastic juice bottles. In the filling process of these bottles, the producers use juice filling machine which contains a particular type of juice filling line. The material that produces the bottles is light in weight, reliable and robust.


The production process of plastic bottle juice

The necessary production process of the plastic bottle juice is the same. However, the producers can change the production process of plastic bottle juice according to their choice. The production process of plastic bottle juice includes the following steps. Have a look:


Collecting Materials

First, we gather the materials in one place. The manufacturers make a long chain of plastic molecules. This process is known as polymerization. After that, they mix up the content with different other elements. The machine is used to cut the resin into pallets. These pallets are of small size, and the device transfers them to the manufacturer of the bottle. The bottling plant mingles the pallets with the recycled plastic. The plastic starts losing its physical properties because of heat. Thus, the producers should take care of the re-grind limit. It is essential to use the right amount to get clear bottles.


Creating a Preform

It is essential to melt the plastic to form a preform. The heat is useful to exclude the screw materials. There is a particular machine that molds the molten material. The mold then generates parison. It is a pre-form look of the plastic bottle juice.

Handling The Preform

Afterward, the preforms enter into the 2-part mold. When you look inside this mold, then you will see the excellent shape of a plastic juice bottle. There is a long needle present in the machine through which the finished bottles are pushed up from the preform. The needle pushes the preform upwards. It will turn into the base of the container.

Moreover, pressured air will apply to the preform for the sides of the bottle. This process must not take much time. Otherwise, it will affect the shape of the container. Handling the preform is a tough thing for sure.

Cooling & Cutting

In the end, it takes the bottles taken to the cold water. They are dipped into this chilled water so that they get a proper shape. The mold yields a beautiful bottle. In case, there is some excess material on the bottle then the operators cut it down.

How To Fill Up Juice In Plastic Bottles?

When it comes to filling up the plastic juice bottles, then you need to consider the juice filling machine. This automatic machine has a juice filling line. This line carries outs the plastic bottles. This juice filling machine fills up the bottles one by one. The juice filling line keeps on running to fill up many bottles in seconds.

The juice filling machine follows the hot filling method. For that reason, its production capacity is excellent and fast. It also has a dependable capping section where the caps comes on the plastic bottle juice. The high automation of the juice filling line ensures a low material loss.

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