Print and Apply Labeler – 10 Tips For Choosing a Labeling Machine

A labeling machine is used to put on the label on many different products in many different industries. For example, it can be used to put on the labels that pertain to nutritional facts and figures on many foods. This is another way of saying that it is used for packaging and printing the labels for many different kinds of products. While a labeling machine can be a good investment, there are many out there, which confuse you a lot when deciding upon them. This is why we have created 10 tips to let you easily come to that decision.


Quality is the way to go, not speed:

While speed can be good, it should not come at the expense of labeling quality. If the label comes all wrong because of the speed, then the whole batch can be ruined.


Experimentation can help you find the good one:

While this can get expensive, but it will save you a lot of operational costs (like the above one) later. A good labeling machine can be found by experimenting on a different one, you know sort of going through trial periods.


Good centrally controlled systems:

A machine of this stature, which has a lot of responsibility, one little mistake can have a lot of consequences. For example, medicine labels should not have mistakes, none at all. Better controls over the labeling machine are better than say scattered controls, which are prone to mistakes.



There are the ones that are overly expensive, then there are cheap knockoffs. You should decide the one that fit your needs. This type of label can come between the price of the ones that overly expensive and cheap knockoffs. Speaking of needs, the next section is based on that.

Needs need to be taken cared off:

The labeler you pick up should match your needs, otherwise, there would be no correct use of it.


Compare with other machines on the market, and the one you are presently using:

Comparison with other machines is important as this way it is important needs can be found. For example, when you are comparing the prospective choice with the older labeling machine, you can find what new need is there, that can be satisfied with a newer one, and older one cannot.


Choose the right type you want:

There is a difference in the type of labelers, as the labeling can be horizontal, vertical, top, bottom, and front/back. This will depend on you and the product.



If any of the machines of the market are not suitable for your needs, you can always order a labeler made to your specification that fits your needs


Labeling speed:

This should also be a deciding factor in choosing a labeler. While quality should not be sacrificed, speed also should no be that low.


Choosing the right manufacturer:

Just like it is with any other product, brands also differ with regards to the quality and technology of the machine. Based on that one can pick the brand of their own choosing.

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