How to Construct a Complete Juice Production Line

In our daily life, fruit juice has become one of people’s favorite drinks. And the production of fruit juice is increasing every year. Compared with carbonated beverage, it has rich nutritional value. Its taste is based on fruits and vegetables. People of any age can find their own taste. But people have never thought about how the juice production line is made up.


Different beverage production needs to be equipped with different production equipment. Next, I will introduce the main components of the juice production line.

Water treatment equipment

Water is the most important and main raw material in all beverage production. Water quality is one of the main factors affecting the taste of beverages. Therefore, factories have strict requirements for water treatment equipment. The equipment must fully conform to the process of water treatment. Usually, we divide water treatment into three categories according to its function: water filtration equipment, water softening equipment and water disinfection and sterilization equipment.

Sterilization equipment

Sterilization is one of the most important links in the whole production line. It is different from sterilization in medicine and biology. There are two purposes of beverage sterilization. Firstly, there is a certain shelf life in a sealed bottle, tank or other packaging container. Secondly, the nutritional components and flavors of beverages should be protected as much as possible in the sterilization process. Therefore, sterilized beverages are commercially sterile. There are direct and indirect sterilization equipment in juice production line. Direct sterilization is carried out by direct steam injection into materials. Indirect heat exchanger is used to sterilize beverage by heat exchange between plate and tube.

Automatic bottle washer

The bottle washer is another important part of the fruit juice production line. It has many kinds. For example, according to different situations, it can be divided into different types: double-ended and single-ended from the way of entering and leaving bottles; continuous and intermittent from the way of conveying bottle sleeves; and spraying, scrubbing and soaking from the way of processing bottles by machines.

Filling machine

The normal pressure filling machine is usually used in fruit juice filling line. Atmospheric filling machine is mainly composed of filling system, in and out bottle mechanism, lifting bottle mechanism, worktable, transmission system, etc. It is used for filling gas-free liquid. This kind of filling machine is generally rotary.

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