How Does 5Litres And 5 Gallon Water Plant Work

As the need for water in human lives gets inevitable by the day, so are those involved in the technological processes of building water plant that will produce potable water supply which water can be made available to home and workplace in different forms and containers.

Typical of such packaging for water is the 5 litres and 5 gallon which seem to be a better source of a well-packaged water which is readily handy for quenching thirst and hydration both at home and office. Most outstanding about the 5 litres and 5 gallon water is the fact that the PET containers are usually reusable and secondly, the workability of the entire 5 litres and 5 gallon water plant which is the ultimate source of water filling, rinsing, capping and packing of the 5litres and 5 gallon water for use is usually fully automated without the need for any human intervention.


To streamline the processes involved in the workability of the 5 litre and 5-gallon water plant, this processes takes place in about 6-7 simple stages which are fully automated as outlined and explained sequentially below:

1. Cap Removal: The first compartment of the 5-gallon water plant is the automatic cap removal machine which removes old cap from each 5 gallon that has been fed into it.

2. Outer/Inner Cleaning Brush: Once the cap has been removed, each gallon is transferred to the next compartment containing cleaning brushes that automatically clean the inner and external surface of the container before it is being filled with water

3. Rinsing/Filling: Here, sterile water rinsing nozzles are relayed directly into the container and sterile water is pumped into the container to completely rinse and flush off any dirt inside the bottle. Once this is done, the filling motor immediately receives the rinsed container and fills each 5 gallon using a pressurized force (about 150-200 barrels can be filled per hour).

4. Capping and Sealing: Just immediately after each 5 gallon has been filled with clean and potable water, the lid of the gallon is immediately capped and sealed. Once this is done, each 5 gallon that has been filled and capped is dropped on the rotary conveyor which moves the container to the next stage of processing, lamp inspection.

5. Lamp Inspection: With a Tungsten lamp, each gallon that has been filled and capped will be inspected carefully as the conveyor moves it across to ensure that it is free from particles

6. Labelling/Coding: Once each gallon has been satisfactorily confirmed to be free of particles, the conveyor moves it to the labelling machine which automatically sticks the product label and then the conveyor further moves each gallon across the coding machine which will imprint the date of production as well as the expiry date of the water.

7. Seal Shrinking: the heat shrinking compartment of the water plant is responsible for shrinking the seal/film over the cap.

8. Disposal: Here, your 5litres and 5gallon water are ready for storage or drinking.

With the help of strategically positioned sensors, the 5 litres and 5-gallon water plant are designed and built to function flawlessly for the sole purpose of always providing you with clean and potable water.

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