Different Types of Packaging Labels

Making your business/products presentable and acceptable to the public market is essential, and that is why it is crucial to have your products well packaged and attractive enough to make anyone want to patronize you. This is the very essence of packaging. However, identification is something that cannot be neglected either, because it helps people that have tasted the quality of your product to know how exactly to demand it whenever they need it again. For this reason, your products must carry a unique label containing information that prevents anyone from claiming or hijacking it. It also helps the public to identify an adulterated version of your product from a genuine one.

Labeling Machine

Labeling Machine have gone beyond the use of traditional methods and have been enhanced using automatic labeling machines. Let me take you through some types of labeling and how you can improve and benefit better from them using an automatic labeling machine.

Dry Peel Labels

This is a common type of package labeling that you can remove from your package without stress because it is attached to it using temporary adhesives. Doing this with your hand can take longer than you imagine, but with the help of an automatic labeling machine, the label can be attached to several packages in minutes. This is because it is not the type of labeling used for long-term packaging. It will interest you to know it is easier to remove than to attach.

Expandable Reseal Booklet

The automatic labeling machine is programmed to combine two different types of labels to achieve this unique product labeling. It combines a foldout label and reseals together to provide a sticker labeling machine with expandable reseal booklets that can easily stretch out for the addition of more contents.

Specialty die-cut Labels

As the name sounds, they are exceptional labels designed for unique purposes, which could be to fit a container with a particular shape or a hot melt labeling machine perfectly. They are the perfect option for interior uses and labels with a removable top layer. Attaching this label correctly can be very tricky, and that is why you need an automatic labeling machine to help you perfect the job.

Reseal Labels

This label performs precisely what the name portrays. It can perfectly reseal the package it comes on. It is used for several purposes, which include adding labels to snack food and even for products that are meant to have openings that can be closed correctly for future use. An adulterated version of this label can damage such product. This means you have to take your time to choose carefully.

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