8 Things to Know About 5 gallon Water Filling Machine

If you are looking to invest in a 5 gallon water filling machine then you should consider its performance and efficiency. The machine specifications will tell you at a glance how well it can perform. Some points to keep in mind are as follows:

5 Gallon Filling Machine (2)

1.  Make and model of the machine

Always try to buy from a well-reputed company that is known for making quality goods. In the end a higher expense incurred on the initial cost pays well in terms of cheaper running costs and long-running, trouble-free parts.

2.  Overall size and production capacity

5 gallon water bottle filling machines come in various sizes. Their production capacity is also vastly different according to their size and complexity.

3.  Bottle loader filling line and filling valve head

The water bottling machine might have a single filling line or double or triple. The number of filling lines hugely impact their filling capacity and speed of filling. Similarly, multiple filling heads will do the job faster than a single one.

4.  Washing procedure

This determines how many cycles does the machine run to purify the water. The first two cycles are usually to disinfect the water. The next two churn the water around. The fish and the sixth purify the water whereas drying is done in the seventh cycle. In the last cycle, water is bottled.

5.  Gas Pressure and Gas consumption

Lower gas consumption will decrease the cost of running the water bottling machine.

6.  Intelligent manager and Automatic grade

The quality and capacity of the microprocessors will define the load the machine can take and how efficiently it will run. The degree of automation determines how much labor needs to be hired to run it. A fully automatic machine will need fewer supervisors than a semi-automatic one.

7.  Barrel size

The barrel size determines the capacity of the 5 gallon water bottle filling machine. The bigger the barrel size, the more the numbers of bottles that can be filled. The barrels are usually made of steel.

8.  Rated Voltage

The voltage is kept at a constant of 380V/50hz.

Water Bottling Machine China

China has taken the lead in the manufacture of 5 gallon filling machines. There are more than one companies involved in the production of water filling machines and there is fierce competition between then to capture lucrative contracts in the market. This bodes well for the consumer because a healthy competition guarantees that companies will quote the best price possible to lure customers and guarantee satisfaction. Otherwise the consumer will move on to the next manufacturer. There is a lot of diversity in the Chinese market and you are eventually bound to find what you were looking for.

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