Water Filling Machine

MODERN MACHINERY is a professional water filling machine manufacturer in China which integrates designing, manufacturing, marketing and offering the turn-key project to the customers. Based on many years of research and production experience, we absorb the advanced technology from the fellow-trade in domestic and abroad to major in manufacturing all kinds of medium and small water filling machine as below.


  • 2000-30000BPH 200ml-2L Small Bottle Water Filling Machine
  • 200-2000BPH 3L-10L Mineral Water Bottling Plant
  • 100-2000BPH 5 Gallon Filling Machine


No matter what kind of beverage or bottle you fill, MODERN MACHINERY can supply the most suitable filling machine as your requirments.

Water Filling Machine, also known as filling machine, is a small category of packaging machines. From the perspective of packaging materials, filling machines can be divided into the following types:


Liquid filling machine: specially used for filling liquids, such as beverages, water, condiments, etc.

Paste filling machine: suitable for filling paste-like substances, such as skin care products, ointments, etc.

Powder filling machine: used for filling powdery substances, such as milk powder, washing powder, etc.

Granule filling machine: for filling granular substances, such as pharmaceutical granules, candies, etc.



In addition, in terms of the degree of automation of production, filling machines also have different classifications, such as semi-automatic filling machines. Semi-automatic filling machines require manual participation in some operations and are suitable for small and medium-sized production lines or filling needs in specific scenarios. Corresponding to this is the fully automatic filling machine, which can automate the entire filling process, greatly improve production efficiency, reduce labor costs, and is suitable for large-scale, high-efficiency production environments.