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Small Water Bottle Filling Machine

Model: XGF 3in1 bottle filling machine

Small Water Bottle Filling Machine

The small water bottle filling machine is a self-developed product by Modern Machinery to meet the requirement of multi-usage demands for our customers. The bottle filling machine is suitable for filling the production of 350 -1500ml PET bottled water.

The 3in1 water bottle filling machine adopts the card bottle neck transmission technology to realize the processes of automatic washing, filling and capping with high automation; the most of the electrical system parts of the bottle filling machine are foreign advanced brand like Siemens, Schneider, Mitsubishi, SMC.

The three major processes of bottle washing filling and capping has the advantages of easily bottle size changing, accurate and stable transmission and scientific process. This XGF series of 3in1 Bottle Filling Machine and equipment is used in the production of non-gas beverages such as wine, mineral water and pure water in polyester bottles. It can be used for bottle washing, filling and capping in one machine.

Bottle filling machine

Bottle Filling Machinery Workflow:

First, the inner wall of the bottle is rinsed by the bottle washer. It is mainly delivered by the clamp. There is a bottle holder on the rotary plate of the bottle washer, and the bottle is turned over 180 degrees so that the bottle mouth is facing downward for washing. The rinsed bottle is then transferred to the filling machine, and the bottle enter into the filling machine is caught by the bottleneck tray and raised to the filling nozzle for filling. After the filling is completed, enter into the capping machine. The capping machine stabilizes the bottle first, keeps the bottle in an upright position, and then the capping head keeps revolving and rotating on the capping machine. After the above steps completing, they are transported out of the filling equipment by the chain conveyor

Water bottle filling machine

Model XGF24248
Heads of washing, filling and capping 24-24-8
Production , capacity(bottle/hour) 8000-12000
Suitable bottle diameter(mm) φ=50-100 H=170 330-1500ml
Spraying pressure(kg/cm2) 2~3
Motor power(kw) Main, motor 3kw
overall dimension(LxWxH)(mm) 2800x2300x2500
Weight(kg) 4000

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