How to set up a water bottling plant?

How to set up a water bottling plant? If you are new or interest in the bottled water business, I believe below article will help you a lot.

Find Your Own Water Source

First of all, we should choose a good water source. Two of very important indicators in raw water are EC(electrical conductivity) and TDS (total dissolved solids). If the EC and TDS is too high, it is recommended to choose double stage water treatment equipment. The standard of China’s national pure water is that the conductivity is less than 10us/cm and total dissolved solids is less than  50mg/L. The raw water source can be municipal tap water, spring water, or groundwater, there is no source of pollution around the water source. Water source: tap water, mountain springs – from specific protected mountain areas; mineral water – groundwater (borehole water).

water source

Water Bottling Plant Preparation

1. The distance between the water bottling plant and the water source should be close.

2, Consider there is no pollution source near the water plant, the air is fresh, should also consider the external drainage channel is smooth or not.

3, The size of the water plant should be based on market demand, equipment production capacity and capital limits.

4, Factory requirements: the minimum is about 300 square meters, divided into water filling workshop, finished bottled water workshop, raw material storage workshop, packaging room, laboratory, locker room and so on.

5. The floor and wall of the workshop shall be paved with floor tiles and wall tiles, and the laying of pipes, water supply, drainage and power supply shall be reserved. At the same time, the power supply shall be 3 phases and single phase both.

Water Plant Equipment

  1. Water treatment equipment: RO reverse osmosis single or double stages
  2. Bottle blowing equipment: Semi-auto or automatic bottle blowing machine
  3. Bottling equipment: automatic bottle filling machine
  4. Packaging equipment: Labeling machine, thermoplastic packing equipment, date coding machine,
  5. Warehouse storage Equipment: Palletizer Equipment, storage conveyor
  6. Air purification equipment: air purifier and air shower;
  7. Disinfection and sterilization equipment: ultraviolet sterilization or ozone sterilization;
  8. SC certification.

Factory building, equipment admission, at the same time also need to prepare the required information for the certificate, all the information is complete and through the audit, to obtain the production license to the Industrial and commercial bureau for business license and tax license, can be formally organized production.

For a new bottled water plant, a reasonable production scheme can guarantee water quality and quantity effectively.

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