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Linear Type Bottle Screw Capping Machine

Model: CFX-6

Linear Type Screw Capping Machine

linear type screw capping machine

Linear Type Bottle Screw Capping Machine is making up with cap sorter, cap falling rail, bottle-tightening structure and capping wheels. By the tightening of the belts, the bottles finish the movement of cap scratch, push and capping. The capping structure is consist of multiple sets of rubber capping wheels, this makes several bottles can be tightened at the same time. It is suitable for packaging thread caps in food, beverage, cosmetics and dailyt chemical industries.

This linear bottle capping machine is with easy structure and adjustment. When changing the bottle type, you do not need to change the spare part, only adjustment is enough. This machine is equipped with SUS304 environmental cover and main parts is aluminum material, conform to agro-chemical industry environment standard.

Technical Parameters
Model CFX-6
Cover   method Elevator   sorting cover
Capping   form Six wheels   clamp
Bottle   height 70-320mm
Cap   diameter 20-90mm
Bottle   diameter 30-140mm
Capping   speed 30-50   bottles/min
Capping   voltage 1ph AC   220V 50/60Hz
Air   pressure 0.6-0.8MPa
Machine   weight About 600KG

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