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Ink Jet Printer

Model: VJ

Ink Jet Printer is the use of charged ink particles, the principle of deflection by the high-voltage electric field, printed on a variety of objects on the surface of the text patterns and digital, is a set of high-tech mechanical and electrical integration. Products are widely used in food industry, cosmetics industry, pharmaceutical industry, automotive and other parts processing industry, wire and cable industry, aluminum pipe industry, tobacco and alcohol industry and other fields. Can be used for printing production date, lot number, bar code and trademark logo, anti-counterfeit labels and Chinese characters, is to implement the Health Act and promote the modernization of packaging equipment.

Characteristics for Ink Jet Printer

1. Advanced jet printing ability
Jet printing lines: 3 lines; Speed: 162m/min
Standard USB connector for print information storage;

2. Low maintenance cost
The maximum maintenance (Ink life time): 6000 hours
No dirty, no waste, no mistake

3. Better environmental protection
Standard configuration: IP55 water proof

Line speed
Printing 1-3 lines, speed will be 162.5mpm (single line printing, 10 words per inch)
Lattice choice
Single line:5×5,5×7,7×9,11×16,17×24
Double line:5×5,5×7,7×9
Triplex line:5×5,5×7
Words height
2mm-8.5mm, depend on words type

Printing distance

Best option: 12mm

Range: 5mm-15mm

Character editing

American, Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, East European language, West European language, Greek, Hebrew, Japanese, Japanese katakana, Korean, Russian, Scandinavian, Turkish.


Language and interface options

English, Arabic, Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese(simple), Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Chinese(traditional), Turkish, Vietnamese.


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