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High Pressure Homogenizer

Model: GJB

High Pressure Homogenizer

High Pressure Homogenizer, Pressure through an adjustable current-limiting gap process, the formation of loss of pressure expansion, explosion, shear, combined effect of high-speed collision, the particles and liquid droplets shatter into very small size,while creating an ideal solution or dispersion of emulsion. This process sets ultrasonic mill, colloid mill, ball mill, jet principle and other functions in one machine.

Product stability, consistency, mixed, and easy absorption, nutritional value, shelf life, flavor, color, security activities are realized in the homogeneous process. Widely used in food, dairy, beverage, pharmaceutical, fine chemicals and bio-technology and other fields of production, scientific research and technological development.

 Ring temperature
 Rated Pressure
 Medium temperature
 <80 oC
 Medium viscosity
<150 oC
 Particle Size
 Motor power
 Flow medium parts
 304, 316L
 Homogenizing valve material
 Liquid state (milk, juice, oil, etc.)


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