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Glass Bottle Sparkling Soda Water Filling Machine

Model: XGFB

Soda Water Filling Machine

Product Description:

3-in-1 Soda Water Filling Machine is used to produce glass bottle soda water with ROPP aluminum cap or pull ring cap. The XGFB series of 3 in 1 monobloc rinisng, isobaric filling, aluminum cap sealing machine adopts advanced technologies of evacuation before filling.

Sparkling water filling machine, glass bottle filling machine, ROPP capping machine

1.The series of soda water filling machine is made as our customer’s need, high filling speed for CO2 sparkling drink, sharing one machine with several glass bottles. It’s used in producing all kinds of soda water, sparkling beverage, carbonated drink contained in glass bottle. It adopts the isobaric filling technology.

2. Bottle washing, glass bottle filling, aluminum cap sealing can be carried out on the same machine. The design of the machine is scientific and reasonable.

3. The glass bottle sparkling water filling machine appearance is beautiful and the function is complete. The operation and maintenance is convenient.

4. The glass bottle filling machine device can be stopped automatically when there is no bottles.

5. The capping head is used for aluminum cap sealing.

6. Caps vibration sorting device is used to avoid damaging the surface of caps, and when there is a shortage of caps in the caps storage tank, an alarm signal will be generated and the caps will be fed automatically.

Glass Bottle Filling Principle

soda water filling nozzle

Bottle rinsing section

Bottle filling section

ROPP capping section

Sparkling Water Filling Machine (1) Sparkling Water Filling Machine (2) Sparkling Water Filling Machine (3)
Model: XGFB12-12-4 XGFB18-18-6 XGFB24-24-8 XGFB32-32-10
Capacity:B/H (500ml) 1500-2500 4000-5000 5000-6000 7000-8000
Bottle shape: Normal round or square
Filling liquid Carbonated drink, soda water
PET bottle:(mm) (Bottle Diameter): 50-105mm   (Height): 150-310mm Volume: 250ml -2000ml
Cap: ROPP aluminum cap
Filling  precision: ±5mm
Filling pressure 1.5-3.5 bar
Material Stainless steel 304
Power(KW) 3.0 4.0 4.2 5.2
Gas source pressure: 6 bar
Rinsing  pressure: 2-2.5 bar
Overall  size:(mm) 1900*1500*2350 2250*1650*2350 2600*1965*2350 2980*2200*2250
Weight:(KG) 2500 3500 4500 6500

Complete Soda Water Filling Line

Sparkling Water Filling Line layout

Here is a general overview of the components and processes involved in an industrial soda water production line:

1. Water Treatment system: The production line starts with a water treatment system that purifies and filters the water to remove impurities and contaminants. This process ensures that the water used for making soda is of high quality and meets the required standards.

2. Carbonation: In an industrial soda water production line, carbonation is a crucial step. Carbon dioxide (CO2) is injected into the purified water under controlled pressure and temperature conditions. This process creates the desired level of carbonation, resulting in the characteristic fizz of the soda water.

3. Soda bottle filling machine: Once the soda water is carbonated, it moves to the bottle filling machine. The bottles are positioned under the filling heads, and the precise amount of soda water is dispensed into each bottle automatically. After filling, the bottles rotate to the capping section. Capping machines apply caps or closures onto the bottles, ensuring a tight seal to maintain carbonation and freshness.

4. Labeling and Coding: Once the bottles are capped, labeling and coding machines apply labels with product information, branding, and batch codes onto the bottles. This step ensures proper identification and traceability of the soda water products.

5. Packaging: The filled and labeled bottles are then packaged into cases, trays, or cartons for efficient storage, transportation, and distribution. Automated case packing machines can be used to streamline the packaging process and optimize production efficiency.

An industrial soda water production line is typically highly automated and operates continuously, ensuring a consistent output of high-quality carbonated beverages. The specific configuration and capacity of the production line can vary based on the production volume, equipment capabilities, and specific requirements of the soda water manufacturer.

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