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Carbonated Soft Drink Canning Line

Model: YGFD30-6

Carbonated Soft Drink Canning Line

Carbonated soft drink canning line is an important part of the beverage industry, allowing companies to quickly and efficiently produce large numbers of cans for sale. They involve a complex process that requires careful setup and regular maintenance to ensure precision and quality. Carbonated drink can filling is the core and complex process that ensures high quality and safe products for consumers to enjoy.

Carbonated Soft Drink Canning Line

Carbonated Drink Canning Machine

The carbonated drink canning machine is an integral part of beverage production. This equipment is used to fill cans with pressurized carbonated beverages, such as soft drinks and beer. The machinery is designed to fill each can quickly and accurately, ensuring a consistent quality product every time.

The canning process begins when cans are placed on the conveyor belt, and the canning machine lift up the can to the can filler through the star wheel, then the can is filled with carbonated drinks. As the can moves down the conveyor belt, an automatic can seamer mechanism ensures that the lids are put in place and sealing.

As the cans are filled, they are then labeled, inspected, and transported to the packing area where they are sealed and shipped off to retailers. With the introduction of new technology and automation, carbonated drink canning machine are now more efficient than ever before. They also help to reduce labor costs, as well as the cost of waste materials.

15000CPH Carbonated Soft Drink Canning Line

Model YGFD30-6
Capacity   (can/Hour) 12000-15000
Suitable for can size ( ml ) 150ml-500ml
Can size 200/202/206/209
Heads of filling 30
Heads of sealing 6
Filling method Isobaric filling
Filling temperature(℃ ) 0-5℃
Power source specification AC380V/50HZ
Power (kw) 7.5
Overall dimension(mm) 3500x2200x2350
Weight(kg) 5000

Can filler and seamer

Soft Drink Canning Line Carbonated Drink Canning Machine


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