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Carbon Dioxide Generator / CO2 Generator

Carbon Dioxide Generator / CO2 Generator


Carbon dioxide’s role in the carbonated drinks

Food grade CO2, which is special for sparking wine and carbonated drink, mainly comes from fermentation or chemicals industries at present.

Co2 from chemical reaction is another selection for customers from developing countries. This chemical reaction is based on NaHCO3(Sodium Bicarbonate) and H2SO4(Sulfate).


Following is reaction equation:



CO2 from this reaction is not pure gas, because acid must mixed there. It should be purified by several filters again before being used in beverage production.

Item (KG/times)
H2SO4(98%) MAX feeding 90 kg
NaHCO3(99.5%)MAX feeding 150 kg
H2O MAX feeding 150kg
NaOH MAX feeding 3.0 kg
KMnO4 MAX feeding 1.0 kg
FeSO4 MAX feeding 3.0 kg
CO2 capacity 26kg-79.2 kg
Sulfuric acid cylinder total   volume 60 L
Whole power 7.5 kw
Material of the tank 316 stainless steel
Gas purification unit Operating pressure(Mpa): 0.8   Mpa

Operation temperature:< 50 C

Appearance size(mm) 5800x1800x2500mm


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