Automatic Canning Machine of Beverage

This canning machine is designed to carry out automatically the can filling and seaming of PET or Tin or Aluminum cans and can be completed with conveyor system and ancillary machines complying with the customers’ requires and respecting the space available in the installation room.

Modern automatic canning equipment can pack any kind of beverage: they can take care of soft drinks, carbonated beverage, juice, ice tea milk or beer canning.

A HMI (Human Machine Interface) allows to control all the operation parameters of the canning line.

Carbonated Soft Drink Canning Line Design

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Automatic Beer Canning Line In Action - Canning Equipment

With the continuous growth of the craft beer market, especially in the America and Europe area., the need for an efficient and cost-effective beer canning line is also increasing. Canning plays an essential role in craft beer production. It allows packagers to produce reliable packaging that will stand out and draw customers to their products.

A beer canning line is in action, it includes following beer can machines. Auto can depalletizer, Can rinsing machine, 2in1 Can filling and seaming machine, Beer pasteurization tunnel, Air dryer, Automatic bottle packaging machine, Automatic palletizer system.

How Does The Canning Machine Work?
Can is pushed into can holding platform one by one by feeding screw and star-wheel. Centering cup of filling valve will fall to can, the distance between filling valves and cans is sealed by springiness plastic ring. The movement of centering cup is generated by plastic idler wheel along curvilinear motion. After filling, valve will be closed, air is discharged, and centering cup will rise from the can. Filled can will be sent to conveyor chain, then to capper. Capper will take cap, turn over the edge of can and turn the edge to finish the sealing action by the control of cam. After that can is transferred to conveying system.

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Main Can Machine In Canning Line