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Canned Beverage Autoclave Steam Sterilization Pot

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Canned Beverage Autoclave Steam Sterilization Pot

This autoclave steam sterilization pot is widely used in food, pharmaceutical, chemical, beverage and other industries, as a necessary equipment for heating, cooling, heat preservation, sterilization, processing or storage of liquids.

Canned beverage autoclave steam sterilization potcanned beverage and food


The steam source of electric and steam sterilization pot can be supplied by electricity or steam. It can be set to the required temperature in advance when using electricity. It can be automatically controlled by pressing the control box. When the temperature is lower than a certain temperature, it can be automatically heated to the set temperature. It automatically stops at any time, thereby ensuring the accuracy of temperature during sterilization. When using steam, the temperature can be directly sterilized by boiler steam.


1. The electric heating steam generator replaces the boiler, which is suitable for food and drug production enterprises with low environmental requirements and especially suitable for product development.

2. The sterilization temperature, sterilization pressure, sterilization time, and steam generator are automatically controlled by the control cabinet, and the remaining processes are manually controlled.

3. There are 3 safety interlocks.

4. Electric heating power is optional to suit the different grid capacity of users.

5. You can choose steam sterilization or hot water circulation sterilization.

Working principle

sterilization pot working principle


Canned beverage autoclave steam sterilization pot (1) Canned beverage autoclave steam sterilization pot (2)

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