Can Filling Machine

This 2in1 can filling machine is suitable for the can filling and sealing of carbonated soft drink. It adopts isobaric pressure can filler and sealer is a double winding edge seaming and frequency control. This can filler characterized by their smoothly and large flow high speed filling, filling tank liquid level automatic control, less material loss.

This series can filling machine is prefered filling beer or carbonated soft drinks in aluminum can or PET can with capacity 1000-24000 CPH.

Can Filling Machine is a machine specially used for packaging or filling items. Its product types and application fields are quite wide. Based on the knowledge I have, I cannot provide an exhaustive introduction to the product classification of can filling machine, but I can briefly introduce some basic application areas and common functions of can filling machines.



Can Filling Machines are often used to fill various items, such as food, liquids or other substances, into various containers, such as tin cans, plastic bottles, etc. In the food industry, can filling machines are often used to fill food such as fruits, vegetables, meat, etc. into cans for easy storage and transportation. In addition, the can filling machine can also be used to fill other types of containers, such as fuel tanks, construction foam tanks, etc.