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Bottle Inverting Machine

Model: SRD

Bottle Inverting Machine

This bottle inverting machine is suitable for tea fruit juice drinks, mainly used for the sterilization of bottle mouth and cap which couldn’t be touched by high-temperature material after hot-filling and capping, the capped bottles are inverted by 90 degrees automatically by this machine and so bottles are put even.

It sterilizes the caps inner wall and then stand vertical automatically, then enters shower cooling machine. It adopts imported transmission chain, steady and reliable, do no harm to bottle, step less speed adjusting.

 Model  SRD-100  SRD-180  SRD-250
 Capacity:  4000-6000B/h 8000-10000B/h 12000-15000B/h
 Application Range: (Plastic Bottles) (Glass Bottles)(Roof-like Package)
 Sterilizing Time:  12-40S
 Chain Speed:  4.5-25m/min
 Motor Power:  1.5kw
 Outer Dimension:  735×731×1120mm  835×731×1120mm  1035×731×1120mm

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