Bottle Blow Molding Machine

The bottle blowing machine is suitable for making 0.1L-10L plastic bottle in all different shapes with capacity 300-12000 bottles per hour. We MODERN MACHINERY supply both full automatic and semi auto two series blowing machines to meet the needs of the different customers require. It’s widely used in the beverage industry to blow the water bottle, carbonated drink bottle, juice hot filling bottle, as well as food industry such as edible oil bottle and jar bottle.

This is the main comparison between automatic bottle blowing machine and semi auto bottle blower

Full Automatic Bottle Blowing Machine

1. Hands free in the whole bottle blowing process, automatically feeding preforms, heating, blowing, molding with PLC controller.

2. Higher efficiency and lower power consumption in producing to create more profit.

3. It can connect with the bottle filling machine directly to feed the bottles by full automatic.

Semi Auto Bottle Blower

1. Less cost of the machine on investment

2. Take less space, it’s suitable for the beginner or small factory.

3. More stable, easy operation and maintenance