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Beer Pasteurization Tunnel Equipment

Model: PLJ-S

Beer Pasteurization Tunnel Equipment

This Beer Pasteurization Tunnel has 5-8 temperature sections, so temperature difference between section is small. It could assure good sterilizing, effects, reduce bottle broken rate. Hot water is recycled to use in temperature sections in order to save heat energy and reduce water consumption. This tunnel pasteurizer could process bottled beverage or beer products, which completely conforms to relevant technologic requirements.

On request, customized size can be studied to best fit your brewery spaces. All the tunnels are made of 304 stainless steel. Inside the pasteurizer, the bottles / cans are moved along the line, encountering the upper showers that spray them with heated water at different temperatures, until reaching the exit. The speed of the machine can be set and controlled from an electrical panel.


Performance characteristics:

1. Equipment rack is full stainless steel, the overall structure is compact, and health appearance.
2. High quality stainless steel mesh belt chain plate, can be long-term work under the high temperature of 100 ℃.

3. Solid cone wide-angle spray nozzle, the flow distribution uniformly stable, constant temperature field.
4. A variety of comprehensive utilization of heat energy recovery technology, energy saving, environmental protection.
5. Pt100 temperature sensor, measurement accuracy is high, up to + / – 0.5 ℃.
6. The combined process, reasonable process, can handle a variety of materials.
7. Sterilization temperature PLC touch screen control was produced by Germany Siemens company.
8. Frequency conversion control, total processing time can be adjusted according to the production process

9. Providing heat distribution testing services for users, the use of expert system, online monitoring the temperature change in the process of production.

Beer Pasteurization Tunnel Equipment (1)

Model PLJ-S-4000 PLJ-S-6000 PLJ-S-10000
Capacity(b/h) 2000-4000 4000-6000 8000-10000
Bottle inlet temp(℃ ) 3-5
Bottle outlet temp(℃ ) < 45
Sterilizing temp (℃ ) 62-85(Can be adjusted as the request)
Sterilizing time 10min( Can be adjusted as the request )
Steam pressure 0.5-0.6MPa saturated steam
Width of belt(m) 1.22 1.5 2
Circling water(m3/h) 6.3 10 20
Water consumption(m3/h) 1 1.5 2
Water pressure≥0.2Mpa     Water temp is 20℃
Steam consumption (kg/h) 200 350 600
Overall dimension(mm) 8000×1500×1650 8000×1800×1650 8000×2200×1650
Total weight(kg) 3800 5500 7000



Craft Beer Filling Line In Aluminum Can Or Glass Bottle

We supply complete solution of filling and packing line from A to Z, which includs Auto can / bottle depalletizing machine, Can / bottle rinsing device, 2in1 filling and sealing machine, Can wraming tunnel / Beer pasteurization tunnel, Air dryer, Automatic bottle packaging machine, Automatic palletizer system, as well as the complete Water treatment system, Mixing tanks, Water chiller, Beverage carbonator and the whole factory conveyor system.

can filling line

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