Beer Filling Machine

MODERN is excited about the opportunity to supply beer filling technology for the beer industry. Craft beer is experiencing explosive growth, and we are proud to supply the perfect beer filling machine to help your brewery reach new heights of success.


Our MODERN PXGFD series beer bottling machine adopts counter pressure filling method with once / twice vacuum and high-pressure bubble Injection technology in the whole filling process, decreasing oxygen content and the most keep good taste. The filler machine uses the pressure in your tank to push the beer into the bottle. As with the same pressure level, the filler will stop the filling, leaving your bottles at a consistent height every time.


In the meanwhile, beer in cans has been a growing trend, and convenience stores which seem to feature canned beer more. We supply affordable beer canning machine to meet the current demands of beer packaging. Have a more efficient beer canning line to save on unnecessary expenses.


Get your ideal beer packaging solution!