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Automatic Bottle Can Robot Depalletizer

Model: XD

Automatic Bottle Depalletizer / Aluminum Can Robot Depalletizing Machine

Summary: This Automatic Can Depalletizer is applicable to automatically unload empty cans. It lifts the empty cans that are piled on the plank one floor by one floor and pushes to the net conveyer. It can match different kinds of washer. It is the perfect machine for large and medium canning plant.

Principle: Over by the forklift to stack pallets of empty cans, pallets placed on the conveyor, and then the conveyor and transported to the host platform pallet movements. Pallet positioning platform is empty after unloading pallets up to the tank height, when unload the empty cans, the empty pallets put down on the conveyor. All action of the rise and the decline are controlled by stem of self-locking device, and separately adjust the speed of rise and the decline to meet the operational needs.

Unloading device is the use of empty air cylinder and hydraulic motor driven devices to push the whole empty cans on the net conveyor, and then return to ready position and continue to be launched next level. All actions of this automatic robot depalletizing machine is controlled  by the photoelectric switch to control positioning and movement to choose a row or a single tank unloading a revolving basis.

Empty space after unloading let conveyor by empty space pallet transfered to Taiwan vertebral plot, and then followed to a certain height of the stack, and then the pallets out of forklift. Get into pile direction, the direction of the tank, console users location can be flexible according to changes, but the user plane location map should be provided.

Automatic Aluminum Can Bottle Robot Depalletizing Machine

IMG_9682 IMG_9679
Model XD-300
Production capacity(can/min) 200-300 can/min
Power 2.6KW
Weight 2500kg
Overall dimension 6200×3500×3500mm

Beverage Canning Line

We supply complete solution of beverage canning line from A to Z, which includs Auto can depalletizer, Can rinsing device, 2in1 Can filling and seaming machine, Can wraming tunnel/Beer pasteurization tunnel, Air dryer, Automatic bottle packaging machine, Automatic palletizer system, as well as the complete Water treatment system, Mixing tanks, Water chiller, Beverage carbonator and the whole factory conveyor system.

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