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UHT Tubular Pasteurizer

  • GS-UHT

  • Modern

This UHT Tubular Pasteurizer is mainly used for aseptic filling packing type products, such as Tetra paper brick, Tetra paper pillow, aseptic soft plastic bag, aseptic PET bottles, especially used for liquid milk and juice. It performs the hot processing on the liquid foods and beverage.

1. High hear efficiency, 90% of heat can be reused after the product is processed.

2. Temperature difference between the product and the heating medium is small, so that hearing is gentle.

3. It is of high degree automatic, can automatically control the CIP cleaning, self-sterilizing and the whole procedures steps. All the procedures are recorded and controllable.

4. It is of precise and reliable sterilizing temperature control. All the affecting factors such as steam pressure, steam flow rate, product flow rate are all controllable.

5. The inside of the tubular adopts advanced polish procedure, all tubes can perform fully cleaning and self-sterilizing ensures the system at aseptic state.

6. The system is strong safety, the fittings all adopts reliable materials.

7. The system is of high reliable, main parts such as product pump, hot water pump, all kinds of valves, elements of the electrics are all of world known brands.

8. With self-SIP.

9. Siemens PLC full automatic control with touch screen.

production capacityt/h23451020
heat exchanging aream21520253055105
temperature of material inlet°C555555
temperature of material outlet°C555555
sterilizing temperature°C85-9585-9585-9585-9585-9585-95
heat preservation periodS151515151515
ice water consumptionmultiple333322
cooling water consumptionmultiple222222
energy consumptionkw101012141620
outline dimensionsmm3500*1900*18803500*1900*18804500*1950*18804500*2000*18806500*2000*18806500*2000*1880





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