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9000BPH Auto Plastic Bottle Blowing Machine

Model: CP

MODERN MACHINERY Auto Plastic Bottle Blowing Machine which is suitable for PET plastic bottle blowing with capacity 7000BPH – 9000BPH. Our bottle blower adopts servo motor for transmission and stretching the mold to ensure the bottle blowing speed faster and more stable bottle quality with lower power consumption.

Auto Plastic Bottle Blowing Machine

1. Hands free in the whole auto plastic bottle blowing machine, automatically feeding preforms, heating, blowing, molding with PLC controller.

2. Higher efficiency and lower power consumption in producing to create more profit.

3. It can connect with the bottle filling machine directly to feed the bottles by full automatic.

MODERN MACHINERY 9000BPH Auto Plastic Bottle Blowing Machine is suitable to produce different shapes of PET/PP bottles. It can blow from 100ml to 2000ml bottles and is widely used to produce mineral water bottles, carbonated soft drink bottles, juice bottles, medical bottles, cosmetic and oil bottles etc. The capacity is 7000-9000BPH.

Auto Plastic Bottle Blowing Machine


a. Infrared lamps adoped in the pre-heater ensures PET preforms being heated evenly.

b. Mechanical-double-arm calmping ensures mould being tightly closed under servo motor driving and high temperature.

c. Servo motor driving consists of three parts, preform transmission, stretching and bottle molding. It provides sufficient steady and efficient.

d. Equipped with silencer and oiling system to lubricate the mechanical parts of the bottle blower.

e. Operated step-by-step in auto and semi-auto model switching.

f. Easy to change bottle shape in short time

g. Intelligent human-machine interface control, easy operate and monitor.

Auto Plastic Bottle Blowing Machine (3)

Servo transmission system of bottle blowing machine

The transmission system adopts servo motor for positioning that can orientate the preform-heating base quickly, accurately and steadily when the machine starts and running.

Infrared lamp heating system of bottle blowing machine

Perfect infrared lamp heating system design decrease power consumption.

Special oven design helps power saving and easy maintain.

Each lamp position and temperature can be adjusted.

Cycle air-cooling system keeps the oven temperature constantly.

Auto Plastic Bottle Blowing Machine (5) Auto Plastic Bottle Blowing Machine (2)

Servo motor clamping and stretching system for bottle molding

Blow the bottles according to the designed bottle molds, it adopts servo motor to drive the two cranks to control the clamping system which can shorten the mold-clamping time and improve productivity, and also solve the swelling mold and big joint line problem with the effect of pressurize plate.

Servo motor using for stretching to ensure the bottle blowing speed faster and more stable bottle quality.

bottle molding of bottle blowing machine (1) bottle molding of bottle blowing machine (2)

High pressure air compressor of bottle blower

Model Item CP-9000
Productivity Depend on bottle design 7000-9200PCS/H
Product type Volume 100ml – 2000ml
Body diameter ≤100mm
Height ≤330mm
Neck diameter ≤38mm
Mold Cavity 6
Mold thickness 240mm
Mold volume 640*240*360mm
Main machine power Electrical source power 380V/220V 50/60Hz
Rated power 78kw
Really use power 32kw
Air system HP air compressor 6.0m⊃3;/min3.0MPa
LP air compressor 2.0m⊃3;/min1.0MPa
Air tank 2.0m⊃3;/3.0MPa
Air dryer 6.0m⊃3;/min 3.0MPa
Cooling water Water Chiller 8HP
Machine Size(L*W*H) 5700*2200*1950mm
Weight 5000kg
Preform unscrambler Size(L*W*H) 2000*950*2480mm
Weight 500kg

Manufacturing Process

MODERN manufacture all equipment in our own facilities, which is ECO environment buildings and certified with ISO and CE. MODERN highly concerns environment protection in all working areas by decreasing waste in all production processes.

It takes only two hours driving to the near major shipping seaport SHANGHAI, which provide the most economic shipping rate and fast transportation to most countries all over the world.

Our facility is composed of the following:

Veteran and skillful professionals and technicians

On-site engineering support

Materials requirement planning (MRP)

Production Engineering

Manufacturing and assembly

Components and machines testing

Hi-tech accurate machining centers

MODERN provide OEM and ODM machines and service tailor designed as per your different needs and goals with the most competitive prices. From individual machines, to turnkey solution service. From idea to real machine, you can expect your quality machines and services which would help to break the limitation of your business.

As a leading manufacturer of bottle filler in China. To keep up with most advanced industry technology and trends, we keep attending all sorts of training and activities.

OEM factory of bottle blower

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