5 Gallon Filling Machine

This QGF series 5 gallon filling machine collects auto cover pulling, bucket washing and brushing machine, uploading bottle, disinfecting, filling, capping, lamp checking, cap seal film sleeving with heat shrinking, and finished product palletizing in one filling line with automatic control.


As a leading 5 Gallo Filling Machine manufacturer in China, MODERN MACHINERY adopts imported pneumatic and electric components in our products. These components not only ensure safe but also stable motivity transmission. All measuring, detection, and control units feature Japanese Programmable Control (PLC) and a touch screen interface, making intellectualized full auto production possible and achieving the highest production efficiency. Our equipment is crafted from high-grade SUS304 material and is user-friendly, making it the ideal choice for 5 gallon bottle filling machines for water production in China.