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24000BPH Rotary Type OPP Hot Glue Bottle Labeler

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24000BPH Rotary Type OPP Hot Glue Bottle Labeler

Labeling PET bottles, especially for soft drinks and water, our rotary type OPP hot glue bottle labeler is designed for labeling round bottles using roll-fed OPP labels. This design is suitable for output 200bpm - 450 bpm.

Our MODERN MACHINERY rotary type OPP hot glue bottle labeler applies to the front, shoulder, neck ring and tamper seals onto widely different bottle shapes. MODERN MACHINERY designs are characterized by easy operation and simple changeover.

The success of roll-fed technology lies partly in the plastic label, which has physical and practical qualities that make it's very attractive to consumers and beneficial for beverages producers.  Furthermore, they are able to meet a fast-growing market trend that calls for efficient, low power consumption, high-speed machines able to handle lightweight bottles with extremely thin labels.

MODERN MACHINERY OPP hot glue bottle labeler delivers the flexibility needed to match all your needs.

Rotary type OPP hot glue bottle labeler (5)

Rotary type OPP hot glue bottle labeler (1)

Swivel head

Our OPP hot glue labeler uses one main motor to control the transmission of all the fuselage, which can keep running synchronously and efficiently.

The bottle is stable and reliable in and out of the bottle. Adopt the mechanical self - locating method to ensure to label the labels in a designated position in the bottle, the label left and right position error control positive and negative 1mm only

Rotary type OPP hot glue bottle labeler (7)

Integrated glue box

Integrated glue box does not require maintenance.

The traditional gear glue pump is replaced by the new motor-free glue supply unit. The optimized structure reduces the maintenance cost. Integrated glue supplying system is not equipped with glue supply pipes. The compact structure reduces the heat dissipation area and the operation cost.

Rotary type OPP hot glue bottle labeler (3)

Cutting knife

Cutting knife is durable and with longer life. In addition, the cutter at high-speed operation, easy to fever, reduces life span. We adopt the constant temperature cooling function so that the cutter can operate at high speed at no fever, extend the service life. Ensure that the labeling failure rate is below 1/10,000.




Number of rotary station


machine size




speed of labeling



AC 3ψ380V50Hz

rater power


percent of pass


accuracy of labeling


diameter of bottle


material of bottle

Glass, Metal, Plastic



Label material


Label thickness


Label height


inside diameter of paper tube


power consumption of air source




Manufacturing Process

MODERN manufacture all equipment in our own facilities, which is ECO environment buildings and certified with ISO and CE. MODERN highly concerns environment protection in all working areas by decreasing waste in all production processes.

It takes only two hours driving to the near major shipping seaport SHANGHAI, which provide the most economic shipping rate and fast transportation to most countries all over the world.

Bottle filler manufacturing process

Our facility is composed of the following:

Veteran and skillful professionals and technicians

On-site engineering support

Materials requirement planning (MRP)

Production Engineering

Manufacturing and assembly

Components and machines testing

Hi-tech accurate machining centers

MODERN provide OEM and ODM machines and service tailor designed as per your different needs and goals with the most competitive prices. From individual machines, to turnkey solution service. From idea to real machine, you can expect your quality machines and services which would help to break the limitation of your business.

As a leading manufacturer of bottle filler in China. To keep up with most advanced industry technology and trends, we keep attending all sorts of training and activities.

OEM factory of bottle filler

Tailor Made | Tailored Design Solutions

Customer grows with company expansion, and production line extension as well. MODERN provides optimizing solution with tailored design machinery project to maximize customer’s benefit. Tailor made service covers our whole products range for various projects, with building and customizing automatic packaging systems. Our veteran engineer team will provide evaluation to your products, packaging requirement, and production demands, accordingly design customized equipment for your special needs.

MODERN customized in

Tailored design for equipment

Production processes

Modification and configuration of equipment.

MODERN lead customer in every size and step to a target business.

We are dedicated to customer’s success. Most of our customers return for more machines as their company grows fast and succeeds. No matter from mineral water to carbonated soft drinks, beer, juice, isotonics, tea or liquid dairy products for your current line, multi-station filling line, or a complete turnkey solution filling line, MODERN machinery is tailored to order.

Return custom visiting of filling line





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