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20000BPH Mineral Water Bottling Machine

Model: XGF

MODERN MACHINERY water bottling machine is able to fill your good water with the utmost precision and efficiency while handling the products smoothly. Our XGF series bottling machine can handle capacity 2000-30000BPH from 200-2000ml. It’s mainly used for PET bottle washing filing and capping for non-gas liquid, such as mineral water, still water.

20000BPH Mineral Water Bottling Plant Design

Water Bottling Plant Layout

Water Bottling Machine

The water bottling machine, also known as the water filling machine, is a piece of equipment used in the packaging and bottling of water. It is designed to automate the process of filling water into bottles and capping them.

The machine typically consists of several components that work together to achieve the bottling process. Here is a general description of the main parts:

Bottle washing system: This part of the machine is responsible for cleaning and sterilizing the bottles before filling. It may involve a series of rinsing, and sanitizing processes to ensure the bottles are free from contaminants.

Bottle filling system: The filling system is where the water is accurately dispensed into the bottles. It employs a series of nozzles that control the flow of water. Our machine has 8-50 filling heads to increase the production rate.

Bottle capping System: After the bottles are filled, the capping system seals them to prevent leakage and maintain the freshness of the water. It typically includes a cap feeder to supply caps and a mechanism to tightly seal the bottles, such as capping heads or screwing devices.

Labeling and Coding: The complete water bottling plant also have provisions for labeling the bottles with product information, branding, and batch codes. This can involve automated labeling systems.

Conveyor System: A conveyor system is an integral part of the machine that transports the empty bottles through the various stages of the bottling process. It moves the bottles from the washing system to the filling system and then to the capping and labeling stages.

Control Panel: The machine is typically equipped with a control panel that allows operators to monitor and control the different functions of the bottling process.

Water bottling machines come in various sizes and capacities from 2000 to 30000 bottles per hour, ranging from small-scale units suitable for small businesses to high-speed, fully automated systems for large-scale production.

Water bottling machine


mineral water filling machine

Bottle Rinsing System

Bottle Filling System

Bottle Capping System

bottle washing system Bottle filling system Bottle capping system


 Model  Heads of washing filling
 Production capacity


 Suitable bottle diameter
 Main motor power


 Overall  dimension

(LxWxH) (mm)



 XGF16126  16-12-6  2000-4000  Φ=50-110
 2.2kw  2400x1650x2500  2500
 XGF18186  18-18-6  5000-7000  2.2kw  2600x1920x2550  3500
 XGF24248  24-24-8  8000-12000  3kw  3100x2300x2800  4500
 XGF323210  32-32- 10  12000-15000  5.5kw  3800x2800x2900  6500
 XGF404012  40-40- 12  16000-20000  7.5kw  4600x2800x2900  8500
 XGF505015  50-50- 15  20000-24000  11kw  5450x3300x2900  9800
 XGF606015  60-60-15  25000-30000  15kw  6500x4500x2900  12800


Manufacturing Process

MODERN manufacture all equipment in our own facilities, which is ECO environment buildings and certified with ISO and CE. MODERN highly concerns environment protection in all working areas by decreasing waste in all production processes.

It takes only two hours driving to the near major shipping seaport SHANGHAI, which provide the most economic shipping rate and fast transportation to most countries all over the world.

Bottling machine manufacturer

MODERN lead customer in every size and step to a target business.

We are dedicated to customer’s success. Most of our customers return for more machines as their company grows fast and succeeds. No matter from mineral water to carbonated soft drinks, beer, juice, isotonics, tea or liquid dairy products for your current line, multi-station filling line, or a complete turnkey solution filling line, MODERN machinery is tailored to order.

OEM factory of bottle filling machine Custom visiting of filling line

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