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10m3 Cryogenic Liquid CO2 Storage Tank

Model: CFL

Cryogenic Liquid CO2 Storage Tank

Vacuum powder insulation liquid cryogenic storage tank is used for storage and transport cryogenic liquid like liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, liquid argon and liquid carbon dioxide.

This cryogenic liquid CO2 storage tank has advantages of area-saving, safe, reliable and convenient maintenance, etc, and has m been widely used in gas, chemical, mechanical, metallurgy, electronics, medical, glass, mining, nuclear power and other industries.

The LCO2 tank supplies cryogenic liquid from the bottom. It can be connected with the exterior vaporizer and cryogenic pump. It can

also be designed from 5-50m3 and manufactured according to users’ requirements from.

Cryogenic Liquid CO2 Storage Tank

Liquid CO2 Storage Tank

One set 5m3 liquid oxygen tank load in one 20GP ;

One set 10m3 cryogenic liquid tank price load in one 40HQ;

One set 15m3 vertical liquid oxygen tank load in one 40HQ;

One set 20m3 capacity vacuum liquid oxygen tank load in one 40FR

More than 50m3 cryogenic liquid oxygen/ nitrogen/argon tank should be load in bulk vessel

Tank type Model Effective Capacity (m3) Working pressure




Cryogenic liquid CO2 tank CFL-5/2.16 5 2.16 Φ1916×5229
CFL-10/2.16 10 2.16 Φ2316×5965
CFL-15/2.16 15 2.16 Φ2416×7402
CFL-20/2.16 20 2.16 Φ2616×7938
CFL-30/2.16 30 2.16 Φ2920×8914
CFL-50/2.16 50 2.16 Φ3120×11184
CFL-60/2.16 60 2.16 Φ3324×12460
CFL-100/2.16 100 2.16 Φ3528×16933
LCO2 tank (2) LCO2 tank (1)


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