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10L 20L Automatic Bucket Filling Machine

Model: QGF

QGF series automatic bucket filling machine is the core equipment in the 10L -20L bucket water filling line. It’s the ideal equipment for mineral water, distilled water and purified water filling process.

Automatic Bucket Filling Machine

QGF series automatic bucket filling machine is the core equipment in the 10L -12L bucket water filling line. It’s the ideal equipment for mineral water, distilled water and purified water filling process.

The bucket filling machine is made of excellent 304/316 stainless steel with the advantage of easily-rinsing and corruption-resistance. The main electrical parts adopt products with brand of SIEMENS and SCHNEIDER. Pneumatic parts adopt the brand of AIRTAC. This machine works reliably and efficiently based on the compact structure and high automatic technology.

It’s the fully automatic bucket water filling machine combined bucket washing filling and capping machines.

automatic bucket filling machine

Bucket Filling Machine

bucket filling machine design

(1) QGF series automatic bucket filling machine is specialized for production of 3-5 Gallon barrel.

(2) This machine consists of washing, filling and sealing in one.

(3) The bottle washer adopts multi-channel washing liquid injection and disinfectant injection for the purpose of washing sterilization. The disinfectant is recyclable.

(4) The sealing machine can start sealing automatically and the bottle conveying port is equipped with a sanitation device to ensure the sanitation of cap.

(5) Washing, disinfection, filling, gland, counting and discharging is automatic.

Inner and outer washing machine

automatic bucket filling machine washer

Automatic bucket washing machine specially work with 5 gallon bucket water production line. It’s used for reducing the sediment caused by the mineral water itself and some algae substances in the process of mineral water.

Bucket rinser

automatic bucket filling machine rinser

All 304/316 stainless steel rinsing heads, water spray style inject design, less water consumption. 304/316 stainless steel high pressure washing pump.

Bucket filler

automatic bucket filling machine filler

304/316 Stainless steel high precision flowmeter filling nozzle to keep same filling level, adjustable filling volume. 304/316 stainless steel contact parts & liquid tank. 304/316 stainless steel filling pump.

Manufacturing Process

MODERN manufacture all equipment in our own facilities, which is ECO environment buildings and certified with ISO and CE. MODERN highly concerns environment protection in all working areas by decreasing waste in all production processes.

It takes only two hours driving to the near major shipping seaport SHANGHAI, which provide the most economic shipping rate and fast transportation to most countries all over the world.

Automatic Bucket Filling Machine Manufacturing Process

Our facility is composed of the following:

Veteran and skillful professionals and technicians

On-site engineering support

Materials requirement planning (MRP)

Production Engineering

Manufacturing and assembly

Components and machines testing

Hi-tech accurate machining centers

MODERN provide OEM and ODM machines and service tailor designed as per your different needs and goals with the most competitive prices. From individual machines, to turnkey solution service. From idea to real machine, you can expect your quality machines and services which would help to break the limitation of your business.

As a leading manufacturer of bottle filler in China. To keep up with most advanced industry technology and trends, we keep attending all sorts of training and activities.

OEM factory of Automatic Bucket Filling Machine

Tailor Made | Tailored Design Solutions

Customer grows with company expansion, and production line extension as well. MODERN provides optimizing solution with tailored design machinery project to maximize customer’s benefit. Tailor made service covers our whole products range for various projects, with building and customizing automatic packaging systems. Our veteran engineer team will provide evaluation to your products, packaging requirement, and production demands, accordingly design customized equipment for your special needs.

MODERN customized in

Tailored design for equipment

Production processes

Modification and configuration of equipment.

MODERN lead customer in every size and step to a target business.

We are dedicated to customer’s success. Most of our customers return for more machines as their company grows fast and succeeds. No matter from mineral water to carbonated soft drinks, beer, juice, isotonics, tea or liquid dairy products for your current line, multi-station filling line, or a complete turnkey solution filling line, MODERN machinery is tailored to order.

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