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Small bottle filling line
We’re the best choice for filling your good water source!
For the whole of water filling line, there are many different types machines that connect 
together for working. This main water filling line consists of water treatment system, PET bottle blower, bottle filling machine, Air dryer, label shrink sleeving machine, date printing, and shrink wrapper for packing as below show.

Advantages of the Line

Human-computer Interaction
No Bottle 
No Filling
Easy Manual Operation
High Automation

Application Range

The following are the main types of bottles we have been exposed to in the past, from the most common plastic bottles, gallon drums to glass bottles and cans, and we all have a successful complete solution. There are no lists of opposite-sex caps, but our company has rich experience in the opposite-sex lid, welcome to contact for more details.
Want to know more about the small bottle filling line ?

Production Process

PET Bottle
Bottle Filling
Bottle Labeling

Check Each Step of Machine Below

Cases Show

Mr Mery

He has visited many factories in the before. Finally he chose Modern and ordered water treatment system. Polite, friendly and very professional man. Hope we have more cooperation opportunities.

Mr Phillip

South Africa
He visited our factory to test our products carefully and was satisfied with our quality. After discussion he purchased a whole water filling line.



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