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Pouch Filling Machine

Special-Shaped Pouch Filling Machine

Product Description

DF(A) series automatic Pouch Filling Machine is suitable for fruit juice, milk, jelly, tea drinks, flavoring water, icelolly, yogurt, soymilk, Japan tofu, milk, beverage, alcohol, liquid soap etc that need hot-filling. It also can be used for normal temperature filling. With advantages of small size, easy operation, energy saving,  easy maintenance etc, it’s the best choice for various shapes bag packing.

DF(A) series include three models of DF(A)-8 and DF(A)-4 and DF(A)-4B to satisfy customer’s different needs.

DF(A)-8 with 8 filling nozzles,speed 2800bags per hour.Touch screen PLC computer operation system.1-2 labour operation.

DF(A)-4 with 4 filling nozzles,speed 1800bags per hour.Germany siemens controller.1 labour operation.

DF(A)-4B with 4 filling nozzles,speed 1000bags per hour.Touch screen PLC computer operation system.1 labour operation.