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Automatic sachet water packaging machine

Automatic sachet water packaging machine

Description of automatic sachet water packaging machine:

1 The high degree of automation, automatic quantitative filling, bag making, sealing code;

2 Before packing to ultraviolet disinfection of packaging film, Meet a criterion of food hygiene requirements;

3 Cursor recognition function to prevent accumulation error, more precise for cutting bag;

4 Use stainless steel equipment;

5 Use self-priming pump to quantitative filling;

6 Straight hot sealing and cutting, bag size, packing weight, easy to adjust reliable sealing and cutting temperature

Name Model Capacity of the packet(ml) Speed
Power(kw) Dimensions
Sachet water packaging machine DF-1000(A) 50-500 1500-2200 1.6 880*760*1800 300 304 Stainless steel
Sachet water packaging machine DF-1000(B) 20-1000 1500-2200 2.5 1060*850*2050 400 304 Stainless steel