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Guarantee of water bottling plant

Modern Machinery, the manufacturer of bottling plant which has more than 20 years’ experience and technology!

Five guarantees on your bottling plant!

1.Performance Guarantee
Customize unique machine as per your sample

2.Delivery Time Guarantee
In strict accordance with delivery time

3.After Service Response Time Guarantee
Custom service response time within 24 work hours one day

4.Workmanship Guarantee
One year warranty, lifetime maintenance

5.Wear Part Availability Guarantee
Quick shipping within 72 work hours for standard wear parts

Modern Machinery provide over 70 types of products, including water treatment plant, water bottling plant, each kinds of beverage bottle filling machine, labeling machine, shrink wrap packaging machine and others. Our company technicians and engineers are proficient in design, electrical apparatuses, automated machinery, microcomputers, etc. And we have a team of 50 experienced technicians for installation and maintenance, which helps ensure the high quality of equipments and reliable after service as well.