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Beer Tunnel Pasteurization

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This Beer Tunnel Pasteurization has 5-7 temperature sections, so temperature difference between section is small. It could assure good sterilizing, effects, reduce bottle broken rate. Hot water is recycled to use in temperature sections in order to save heat energy and reduce water consumption. This tunnel pasteurizer could process bottled beverage or beer products, which completely conforms to relevant technologic requirements.

Bottle inlet temp(℃ )3-5
Bottle outlet temp(℃ )< 45
Sterilizing temp (℃ )62-85(Can be adjusted as the request)
Sterilizing time10min( Can be adjusted as the request )
Steam pressure0.5-0.6MPa saturated steam
Width of belt(m)1.221.52
Circling water(m3/h)6.31020
Water consumption(m3/h)11.52
Water pressure≥0.2Mpa     Water temp is 20℃
Steam consumption (kg/h)200350600
Overall dimension(mm)8000×1500×16508000×1800×16508000×2200×1650
Total weight(kg)380055007000



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